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Voyage LA Magazine, Nov 2019
VoyageLA magazine

"I'm most proud of giving my all to any project I am involved in, caring about quality over quantity, and always being honest. Music is my heart, and I will dive into projects and make it my life" as quoted by SoZo Diamond.


Full Access Magazine, March 2015

"SoZo flutters through her drumset with speed and agility like a great jazz musician."


The Daily Bruin, June 2011
Guitar Player Magazine, Feb 2016
Guitar Player Magazine
Guitar Player Magazine

"SoZo is simply fierce." as quoted by Billy F Gibbons (of ZZ Top)


Drum! Magazine, October 2014

“Finding a comfortable spot somewhere between the showmanship of Tommy Lee and the double-bass riffing of Mike Portnoy, SoZo Diamond has been steadily earning acclaim as a powerhouse player in Southern California hard rock circles.” 


“Showcasing her heavy, bombastic feel in a series of expertly produced hip-hop covers, she has found a very natural niche for her craft.”

"In fact, during one of her rehearsal sessions at the studio, Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Steve Baughman, who mixes music for artists such as the Pussycat Dolls and Snoop Dogg, complimented her drumming."


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